[News] Bang Si Hyuk Talks About BTS And The Possibility Of Joining The US Market [161103]

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BTS has risen in popularity immensely in recent times, breaking record after record with their second studio album “WINGS.” The group is the first K-pop group to make it as high as 26th on the Billboard 200 chart, not to mention their music show wins, accumulation of music video views in record time, and more.

In light of all the recent success, Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk spoke about why he thinks BTS has risen so quickly: “We strive for a combination of great performances, charismatic visuals, and creating globally trendy music that is easy for Westerners to listen to.”

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YouTube’s best Vegan Chef: Ryoya Takashima from Peaceful Cuisine ☆


Today we chat to Japan based vegan chef and instructor Ryoya Takashima from PeacefulCuisine.com. Ryoya also has a very popular YouTube channel where he demonstrates his amazing vegan recipes.

Ryoya’s cookery videos are some of the most stunning on YouTube and are all vegan or raw vegan. Ryoya’s recipes are absolutely delicious and are low in fat and sugar.

Can you tell us a little about your background and your experience as a vegan chef?

I was born in Japan in 1983, and had a very ‘normal’ upbringing. When I was 20 I went to Australia to study English on a working holiday visa. After going to English School for a few months I started to work at a café as a chef assistant. I learnt a lot of cooking skills and techniques from head chefs who came to teach from all over the country. I cooked animal foods…

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How To Access Korean Google Play Store

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Many guys are asking me how to access Korean Google play store. I want to download some apps from Korean Google Play store like SuperStar SM and Melon. For those apps are only available to download from Korean Google Play store. As I know, it is more difficulty to access Korean play store than other countries’. For other countries play store, we can just clear data of Google account, then connected on VPN service, that’s all. But for Korea Google Play store, we should create Korean Gmail first. How can we get Korean Gmail. I will show you later. I tried many times, finally, I access Korean Google Play store with Korean VPN now. Because Google Play strore recognize IP address to decide what country google Play store to access. It means that if you can get Korean IP address on your devices, you can access Korean Google play store…

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