One of the guys..

When I was young tomboy, I always wanted to be 'one of the guys'

I actually never thought I would ever get that title


Today. Why today?

It seems that I'm finally one of them. I'm now 'one of the guys'…..


I just so happen to like one of them… (there's only 2 — 1 single and 1 taken)

but… I'm now friend zoned by the guy I like

Should've known this would happen



9: Color Love

What’s your favorite color?

Write a love letter or a poem to your favorite color. The catch? Do the entire thing without ever naming the color itself in the piece.

I smiled as a saw it zoom past me; that vibrant, bold, bright and shiny color that I feel such deep connection with. Whenever I’m feeling down it always seems to lift me up and make me smile:)

Although it was my first love’s favorite; I adapted it, owned it and made it more of a meaning to me than of just that. I don’t think of him anymore when looking at this color, though some may think of it as a manly color, but to me it’s enlightening and inspirational. It catches my eye whenever present and a smile slowed creeps up and spreads itself across my face to show that I am content.

3: Good Feelings

Write a list of at least 50 things that make you feel good.

  1. eating korean food
  2. finding my favorite color anywhere
  3. being alone
  4. drawing
  5. listening to music
  6. sleeping
  7. walking on the promenade at SAU
  8. talking to Hyeri
  9. looking at cat pictures
  10. watching my fave kdrama
  11. listening to osts
  12. listening to any of my song favs
  13. daydreaming
  14. wearing the color blue
  15. having super straight hair
  16. talking to someone I REALLY care about
  17. summer weather
  18. taking a super long walk in the heat
  19. listening to VK
  20. classical music concerts
  21. being in my room
  22. not worrying about the time
  23. playing music related games
  24. drinking boba tea
  25. listening to music and picking out the instruments used/played
  26. creating stories in my head and speaking them outloud
  27. playing with cats
  28. watching star wars
  29. watching action and adventure
  30. looking at pinterest
  31. watching variety shows
  32. watching kpop vines
  33. petting cats
  34. editing photos with photography apps
  35. being warm
  36. staying in one spot
  37. listening to calming songs that make you wanna cry – to release stress
  38. harmonizing with other ppls singing
  39. singing
  40. learning kpop dances
  41. throwing frisbee
  42. playing soccer
  43. trying new Asian cuisines
  44. looking at interior designs
  45. watching mukbang videos *yum😋*
  46. looking at aesthetic pictures
  47. stationery
  48. finding new music artists
  49. listening to BTS
  50. thinking about my crush

10 Paradoxes of the INFP

INFP Insights

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my self-discovery as an INFP, it is that my mind is one giant paradox. Full of contradictions, confusions and a longing for a sense of balance and equilibrium. This is largely due to the INFP’s cognitive functions, which often oppose one another. Fi seeks harmony with our internal, subjective values and ideals, whereas Te seeks objectivity. Ne wants to explore new ideas, whereas Si demands consistency and stability. It is now wonder INFPs often feel a sense of cognitive dissonance! Without further ado, here are 10 paradoxes of the INFP personality (and a bonus poem reflecting on my personal paradoxical mind).

10 Paradoxes of the INFP

1. Avoiding drawing attention to yourself, yet desperately wanting to be seen and heard

I’ve always struggled with hating being the centre of attention, but desperately wanting to express myself and he heard. I hate promoting…

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Why all Korean learners should learn (a few) Chinese characters

Sofie to Korea

In my interactions with other Korean learners, I’ve frequently heard complaints that Chinese characters (which for the record do not appear often in written Korean) are hard. Using this as an excuse, many people avoid familiarizing themselves with these characters. In my opinion this is probably one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a Korean learner, only surpassed by refusing to learn Hangeul – the Korean script.

Though phonetically distant from modern-day Chinese, Korean remains deeply rooted in Chinese vocabulary. An estimated 60-70% of Korean words are Hanja-words, meaning that they can be written with Chinese characters.

Since these words, however, are written in Korean script, you may wonder “why bother learning Chinese characters?” “I’m already struggling as it is.” You should totally learn at least a couple of hundred Chinese characters, because it will make your life so much easier in countless ways. Here are a few:

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김현중 KIM HYUN JOONG Official Updates + Henecia Japan Notice – 2017/06/13-16

Hyunnies Pexers's Blog

HENECIA JAPAN Website Update 2017.06.13 





From Osaka to Nagoya (Update Credit: )

Highlight of Osaka performance

Tweet Credit: 

Tweets Credit: 

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