Video: Fall in Korea

Hours and Miles

Fall in Korea was brief but lovely. I come from a state where fall means that the weather might dip below 80 degrees and we can comfortably wear jeans outside. So proper fall, where the leaves change and the weather starts to take a nosedive towards freezing, was completely new for me.

It admittedly didn’t last very long but the colored trees were lovely while they were here. So here are just some random clips from my first fall in Korea. Hope you enjoy!

Fall in Korea

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8 Things That Inspire Me (as an INFP)

INFP Insights

Lately I’ve been reflecting on the power of inspiration. As an INFP, I feel my best when I feel inspired; when I find deep meaning in something that becomes a catalyst for my own creativity and aspirations. Unfortunately, inspiration can be fleeting – there are moments when I feel like I could write a whole book, yet I feel completely unmotivated five minutes later. However, I’ve learnt that I am most productive and fulfilled when I am connected to my inner values and sense of purpose, driven by my Introverted Feeling (Fi).

I had the idea of writing about a list of things that inspire me, when I realised how hard it is to pinpoint the exact sources of my inspiration. My inspiration comes from an abstract collection of concepts, impressions and perceptions that are all connected within my mind, collected through the use of Extraverted Intuition (Ne)

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Cream is LIVE!  

20171101 – @dprcream

Cream is live!!! I’m dead inside XoX. When your phone is at 10% dying cause youre dying on Cream’s live.

Who’s on:





I just know my phone is going to die before I get my Cream dosage today -_-

Megan.. where is Jigy?

Now my phone is at 1%

And now it’s DEAD.

RIP my phone!!!

“Today” – An Inspirational Poem

My thoughts exactly^^

INFP Insights

The following poem is a reflection on feelings of apathy, isolation and stagnation, coming to the realisation that change can only begin today…


A strange sense of distance

From this separation I feel

From two worlds, will they ever meet?

So far removed, yet still remains

This longing for the future

While aching for the past

In the present moment I hardly exist

Who am I, what am I doing here?

I don’t want to be stuck, or tied down

I want to be free to fly

And spread my wings

It is in the choices I fall short

Maybe something, somewhere, deep inside

Wants to be heard, noticed, unbound

But at the same time, wants to remain

Locked away, safe, restrained

You see, the problem is

I want to fly though the clouds

With my feet firmly planted on the ground

Full of wanderlust, all alone

I want…

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