Ryuseralover ^^

I’m trying to remember how I first found him… I think is was during the Fire Era when he did the What?? video that every ARMY was sharing about IG, Twitter, and FB.  At first I thought it was a girl.. only because fanboys were JuSt starting to show their love around that time MINUS : JRE and KennyBoySlayy; of course there were more fanboys dancing like: Mej, Ny (just to name a few… hehe 2) – anywayz. I feel like more girls were making edits audio vids than guys, so to make a LOONG story SHORT – that’s why I thought Ryu was a girl for some reason.

I’m a subbie of him on YouTube and I’m soo convince he’s BTS 8th member!!!! His edits are FREAKIN dopeily-amazing.

If you don’t know who he is, or you do know of him but don’t follow him. .




‘old’ BTS








BTS at Late Show











He’s always on top of BTS even more than me… it’s kinda scary ^^ he’s sooo TRASH. A TRASHY STAN of the ARMY fandom.

Some of us think he’s secretly Yoongi.. Cause his edits are out of this world… like Beyond the SCENES kekekekeke

I’m listing his SNS below:

Most recent cover: BTS – Young Spring Snow







Why is it so satisfying to watch Mukbangers?!


I like watching Keemi’s YouTube videos. The videos are very & extremely mouth-watering and somehow they became addiction. At first, I disliked the chewing sounds… now i wouldn’t have it either way. Odd? No, not really. It just makes it more satisfying to hear how yummy it really is. Now when I go to Korean restaurants, I now make sure I can hear myself chewing the food. It makes me smile, almost as if I’m also filming a mukbang and it’s very enjoyable. Eating food is supposed to make you happy. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

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