I Know That With You, I Can Always Make It Through

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Dear God,

I know You’re pushing me to my limits. I know You only want the best for me. These trials, struggles, and challenges that You put in front of me only help me become the person that You’re planning me to be. These hardships that I’m experiencing right now slowly brings me to the place that I’m meant to head on.

So thank You after all.

Thank You for guiding me when I’m in doubt in my journey. And I trust you to continually lead the way.

I trust You with all your plans. I trust You because I know You will always be here whenever I call Your name. You will strengthen me. You will push me to go through.

And You remind me that with You, there is nothing to worry about.


17 March 2017 | 6:56 PM

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Thoughts + ‘Advice’ at Two Years: Changing Careers, Finding Partnership and Accepting Balance

Something personal today.

First Home. Last Sunset.

This is my little corner of the world. I’ve lived here, on my own, since 2012. Yesterday was my last full day as its occupant : ( Today is my first day officially living with J : ) As I was moving out, I realized there are so many things we do and experience every day and yet have no record of it. So I decided to record a video of the sunset while I wrote in my journal, so I could remember it this way.

I’m very sentimental and attached when it comes to this place. As a child of relatively poor divorced immigrant parents, it really has embodied the idea of the American Dream for me. But beyond that, for me it’s been a witness, a shelter, a stage. My home has seen my highs of one period of my life, been…

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All work and no play…

Sofie to Korea

As we know, there’s not a happy ending to that sentence. No matter how busy you are it’s so incredibly important that you allow yourself some time to relax by doing things that you thoroughly enjoy. I find that whenever I’m stressed out by work or upcoming tests (which certainly is the case at the moment), I find great joy and relaxation in taking a long walk, watching an interesting tv series, having a beer with friends, listening to relaxing music, or treating myself to a DIY facial. In fact, today in Korean class we were discussing just how to relieve stress. Stress in Korean is the same word as in English but with Korean pronounciation and written like this: 스트레스. Related expressions are 스트레스 지수 높아지다/낮아지다 (stress levels are increased/lowered), 스트레스 풀다/스트레스다 (to relieve stress).

Anyway, being busy with preparing for next semester’s teaching…

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한국어 신조어 줄임말 목록: Easy Korean Slang for Texting

my {seoul} dream


Jk, lmao, lol, omg. English has tons of text talk, and so does Korean. If you’ve been chatting with native Korean speakers via Hellotalk, Italki, or KakaoTalk (if you want to find a language partner, read this post), you may have seen many abbreviations already – but do you know what they mean? Over time, you’ll start to accumulate more and more text-talk acronyms in Korean, but here’s a quick and easy list to get you started on the basics!

  • ㅇㅋ 
    • 오케이 – Okay
  • ㅇㅇ
    • 응/웅 – Yeah, uh-huh (응 is informal whereas 네 and 예 are formal)
  • ㄴㄴ 
    • 노노 – “No” doubled for extra effect. Using just one ‘no’? That’s ㄴㄴ!
  • ㄳㄳ 
    • 감사감사/감사합니다 – Thanks
  • ㅈㅅ 
    • 죄송/죄송합니다 – Sorry
  • ㅇㅈ
    • 인정 – Acknowledged (This can be like saying “Yeah, agreed”)
  • ㅂㅂ
    • 바이바이 – Bye-bye
  • ㄷㄷㄷ 
    • 덜덜 떨다 – Verb phrase for “to tremble all over”. Use when…

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