Ryuseralover ^^

I’m trying to remember how I first found him… I think is was during the Fire Era when he did the What?? video that every ARMY was sharing about IG, Twitter, and FB.  At first I thought it was a girl.. only because fanboys were JuSt starting to show their love around that time MINUS : JRE and KennyBoySlayy; of course there were more fanboys dancing like: Mej, Ny (just to name a few… hehe 2) – anywayz. I feel like more girls were making edits audio vids than guys, so to make a LOONG story SHORT – that’s why I thought Ryu was a girl for some reason.

I’m a subbie of him on YouTube and I’m soo convince he’s BTS 8th member!!!! His edits are FREAKIN dopeily-amazing.

If you don’t know who he is, or you do know of him but don’t follow him. .




‘old’ BTS








BTS at Late Show











He’s always on top of BTS even more than me… it’s kinda scary ^^ he’s sooo TRASH. A TRASHY STAN of the ARMY fandom.

Some of us think he’s secretly Yoongi.. Cause his edits are out of this world… like Beyond the SCENES kekekekeke

I’m listing his SNS below:

Most recent cover: BTS – Young Spring Snow







K-INDIE : O3ohn is Back With New EP “jon1”


O3ohn (pronounced as oh-jon) was first introduced to the public through his stint as a guitarist for Xin Seha & the Town, a band that received much attention. He leaned away from the band’s image and produced his first EP oin 2016 “O” showcasing his own color and music.

You’ve probably heard of him before and probably see him on everyone else’s posts or production. But this time around, through his new EP “jon1”, listen once again to his sound and be mesmerized completely.

“Jon1” is made up of 4 songs, all of which are produced, recorded, arranged and mixed by O3ohn himself. Compared to his first EP which consisted of funk-rock tunes, O3ohn kept it mellow this time, each track showcasing his soothing voice.

Some of you might agree with us when we say he reminds us of Oh Hyuk’s vocals. But that’s the wonder of falling in love…

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The Korean national anthem

Sofie to Korea

Wow, it apparently took me almost two weeks of 2018 before I finally got around to updating my blog. Happy (very belated) new year. I also just realized that I can celebrate my 3-year anniversary with my blog this January. I feel like so much has happened in that time.

So, with the arrival of 2018, the PyeongChang Winter Olympics are now right around the corner and everywhere in Seoul the two cute mascots, the snow tiger and the grizzly bear, are saluting passersby. In front of City Hall, there is even a countdown clock reminding people how many days, hours, minutes, seconds are left until it begins on February 9th. I figured I would take this chance to introduce you all to the Korean national anthem, also known as 애국가 (Aegukga), meaning “patriotic song”. You’ll probably hear it a lot during the Olympics, and if you’re a Korean learner…

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Luda Comes Out With New Mixtape


Dickids member LUDA is one of our favorite rookies. After announcing his signing with FAME Records, he released his newest mixtape today “Homie So Bad”, a collaboration with the producer Scary’P who did all of the tracks.

The mixtape is made up of four tracks and is made available on his Soundcloud channel. The rapper collaborated with Cherryboy17, Lil Tachi and Artique. Our favorite you may ask? Dongsaeng Swag.

Dickids has just recently completed a concert in Busan with all of the members present. They have a concert “RIOT” coming up in Seoul as well scheduled on the 11th. However, there are no details yet.

(P.S. We love the Scary’P intro!)

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Looking Back at 2017

Hours and Miles

As I try to look back on this past year in Korea and come to some sort of conclusion about things I’ve learned or ways I’ve changed, I can’t seem to come up with any sort of clear answer.

I’ve learned a lot and certainly changed in a lot of ways, but Korea is not a complete story for me yet. This is still the beginning.

Who knows exactly how long I’ll be here, but I hope that there’s still a long while left before I officially put the book end on the other side of my Korean story.

So this is definitely not a”What I learned in Korea” post. There’s still tons left for me to learn. This is more of a “something I already knew to be true but learned in a more personal way in 2017 and hope to carry with me into 2018” kind of post. But…

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Marine Metropolis

Seoul State of Mind

Busan 01
Busan 05
Busan 02
Busan 8
Busan 7
Busan 9

The gorgeous coastal and dynamic city is another face of Korea that I don’t get to see often.  I could’ve just gone there on a whim, however I was saving the chance in order to experience the perfect ‘getaway’ in Busan.

What chance do you ask?  Well, have you ever seen a hotel and thought this was the key to make this getaway perfect? For years I have seen Instagram pictures of the Park Hyatt hotel in Busan with a killer sunset sea view and the iconic Gwangan Bridge.  Ever since then it was my bucket list to stay at this hotel and luckily enough I finally was able to collaborate with them this time round.  Shaped as a glass blade like structure and tucked away within the futuristic Marine like metropolis there were no words to describe how excited I was.

Every morning was welcomed by the sea view…

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